domingo, 7 de junio de 2009


a man is only taller
than the shadows of his own steps
many times a man is just a clown
who laughs when he means to weep

a man is not the Master of the Universe
he is but a tiny grain of sand on ancient shoreline
fugacious bones
timid lamenting learning slowly how to walk

a man is not immortal nor God nor wine
a man is just the path never the north
temporary guest in the horizon
a brief rainfall freedom to be won

© Patricia Velasquez de Mera

1 comentario:

Alastair McCandless dijo...

Men definitely put up a facade to keep the world from seeing inside. We are taught to be macho and not show emotion - this suppression is unhealthy in my opinion. We all need a good cry or a good hug once in a while to get through a tough day, its only natural.