jueves, 20 de octubre de 2011

TRISTEZA - Patricia Velásquez de Mera.wmv

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Alastair McCandless dijo...

What a fantastic way to present your art. The song was beautiful enough to match your amazing art work. I have one question out of curiosity. The portrait of Wyeth is does not seem to fit into the typical themes of your painting. Is he one of your inspirations?

Bravo, Alastair

D'Agor dijo...

Hello Alastair. Welcome back!!!
Thanks for your comment. These videos with my work were recorded by my beautiful friend Ma del Carmen San Lucas. About Wyeth, I love his art work, specially his HELGA collection. From him I learned that isolation is your best instructor. He used to live very close to us in Philadelphia but I never met him in person. When he died I had the sensation that he had passed away already, as if because of his powerful message, he had already gained a place beyond the stars. And yes, he is one of my greatest inspirations.
Thanks again for your comment!