jueves, 7 de mayo de 2009


DOLORES MILENARIOS. Oleo sobre tela por Patricia Velasquez de Mera. Cherry Hill, 2001

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Alastair McCandless dijo...

Are you willing to explain the meaning of the painting or do you prefer for each viewer to make their own decision about what it means. This one seems to have a ton of things going on and I would love to hear how the different symbols work together in your mind.

D'Agor dijo...

I would probably prefer to let the viewer find the answers in the symbols on this and any of my paintings. It seems that if I do otherwise, I am limiting their freedom to interpret the images, unless someone has questions for me.
So, my dear Alastair, the Spanish title of this particular painting translates into English as "Millenary Pains". The loneliness of a mother, of the trees, of a poor child, of millions of forgotten citizens of the world... the unthinkable isolation, fear, and pain of the victim of a crime, are all as old as human life is... Do you see the young woman with fresh flowers on her lap? Well, she is in pain, too, for even love brings pain, and it has always been like that. The moon is also in pain, she is a solitary woman who can never reach the sun, but she hides her sadness becoming a mirror to share its light with us...
And, to soften the landscape, I have applied some make up on it with pastel colors... It isn't as simple as the explanation, but from it you may reach your own conclusions.
Thanks for your interest in my art.
I look forward to see you soon here in Raleigh.

Alastair McCandless dijo...

Thank you so much for taking the time to show me a little glimpse into the window of your beautiful mind. :)